Richard Hehr

September 21, 2022






Richard Hehr has spent over 58 years in Alberta’s Public education system. It commenced with his entry into grade one at St. Louis School in Medicine Hat in 1949. It concluded with his retirement as a trustee from the Calgary Public School District in 2021.

In his career he has taught everything from high school social studies up to elementary. He has served as a vice principal and a principal. He spent two years as a university associate working with student teachers and was a four term president of Calgary Public Local 38. He retired in 2007 after eleven years as Executive Assistant for Calgary Public Teachers ATA.

Richard firmly believes that the public education system is the foundation stone of Canadian democracy. He is concerned that over time the Alberta system has been eroded and debased. Alberta’s commitment to equality of opportunity and a level playing field for all students is a vestige of a bygone era.

At 79 years young Richard remains passionate about public education and will expand on what Alberta should do to return to a public education system which works in the best short and long term interests of all Albertans.