Committee Members

Our Club work is supported by five standing committees that meet at various times a year. Our committee members work alongside the Board of Directors to advise, support, and drive our work forward. We’re so grateful for their time, expertise, and passion. Ad hoc committees are created as needed. If you find one of the below committees of interest and would like to be considered as member, please contact our president at [email protected] or fill out our volunteer form for more information.

Membership-Communications Committee

The mandate of the Membership-Communications Committee is to assist the Canadian Club of Calgary in the planning, coordination and implementation of all communications activities in support of the projects and events of the organization. Working closely with volunteers, the committee supports, promotes and advocates for the Club in all matters related to communications.

  • Ching Li
  • Andrea Burke
  • Deborah Mebude
  • Sam Morris
  • Vincent St. Pierre, Membership Committee Chair
  • Vacant, Communications Committee Chair (or Co-Chairs)
  • Jermyn K.Y. Voon, President (Ex officio)

Speakers Committee

  • Susan Jolliffe, Committee Co-Chair
  • Sally Lewis, Committee Co-Chair
  • Jermyn K.Y. Voon, President (Ex officio)

Citizenship, Heritage Committee

  • Margaret Eaton, Committee Chair
  • Gary Vegelis
  • Jermyn K.Y. Voon, President (Ex officio)

Nominations Committee 

The Nominating Committee shall create a list of available nominees, which shall be presented to the Board and then at the Annual General Meeting. The list shall contain at least one nominee for every position to be filled by election.

  • Jermyn K.Y. Voon, President, Committee Chair