The Canadian Club of Calgary was established in 1907 and is a part of a group of similar clubs across Canada, all with the same objective.

All Canadian Clubs in Canada are not-for-profit, non-partisan organizations dedicated to promoting a Canadian identity, encouraging Canadian unity, and fostering an interest in public affairs and Canadian institutions.

Monthly luncheon meetings at The Ranchmen's Club provide an opportunity for members and guests to hear speakers and address issues of local, national, or international importance.


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"Cybersecurity and Decision Makers"


Sid graduated with a Law Degree from the University of Saskatchewan and practiced commercial law. He served as Saskatchewan’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice prior to moving to Alberta in 1992. Since that time Sid has provided executive management and corporate advisory services in the areas of regulatory compliance, corporate governance, organizational structuring,  and risk management.

As society evolves, we become more reliant on digital services in virtually all walks of life. As we become more dependent on technology, our risks increase. We become more vulnerable to today’s criminal element which includes, domestic and international hackers, attackers, nation-state criminals, and a multitude of other wrongdoers. Along with these trends, comes new challenges and related responsibilities relating to those in charge of managing and protecting businesses and organizations. 

Sid owns an interest in Seekintoo Ltd., a Calgary based Cybersecurity services company: