2020 - 2021 Past Events

SEPTEMBER 23, 2020


Joining the Canadian Club of Calgary for our inaugural lecture of the 2020-2021 season was Dr. Ted Morton, who delivered remarks on the subject of "Alberta at the Cross-roads: the Status Quo Must Go."

Dr. Morton has been a commentator, public policy analyst, and provincial politician throughout a several decade-long career. Long described as being part of the "Calgary School" at the University of Calgary, he has had a tremendous impact on the politics of the province and country. Before his entry in academia and politics, he graduated with a Bachelors at the University of Colorado, followed by a Masters at the University of Toronto where he also completed his doctorate.

In 2001 he championed a political agenda alongside several other notable Canadians, such as future Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to increase provincial powers inside of confederation. These included Alberta's withdrawal from the Canada Pension Plan, ending the provincial contract with the RCMP, and collecting revenue for the province from income tax. These policies were advocated for in order to highlight an ongoing conversation about the relationship between provinces and the federal government in terms of our shared confederation. Many of these ideas have come up again as part of the ongoing consultations by the current provincial government.

The ideas Dr. Morton brings to the table have a proven track record of sticking around. He has more to say, and we at the Canadian Club of Calgary are excited to provide a platform for his newest additions to the public discourse.

Dr. Morton is a co-editor and contributor to the forthcoming book, Moment of Truth: How to Think About Alberta’s Future (Sutherland House Publications) later this Fall.

He now serves as Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Calgary.

"Moment of Truth" - Edited by Dr. Jack Mintz, Dr. Ted Morton, and Dr. Tom Flanagan.

Dr. Morton's remarks were also uploaded to our podcast, which you can listen to below or on your preferred podcasting provider.


OCTOBER 14, 2020


Labelling his speech "Act Like an Owner: A Citizen's Guide to the Struggle for Our Future," noted public speaker and author Ruben Nelson illustrated how we as Albertans have the ability to act as owners and shareholders of Alberta’s resource wealth. His valuable experience as a futurist through decades of research will surely offer a vast amount of insight into the question: “Where do we go from here?” regarding the future of Alberta.

Born and raised in Calgary, Mr. Nelson has taken a multidisciplinary approach to his education. He achieved his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Queen’s University, Queen’s Theological College, the University of Calgary as well as the United Theological College in Bangalore. Ruben specialized in various facets such as philosophy, political theory, theology and the history of religion.

Mr. Nelson’s long list of accomplishments began in 1960 as an undergraduate at Queen’s University, organizing Canada’s first formal conference regarding the future of our society. In the 1970’s, Mr. Nelson and a small team spearheaded Canada’s first multiculturalism policy. Continuing his research he worked with Environment Canada’s Advanced Concepts Centre, he and others on his team conducted research which would later result in what we know today as sustainable development. Building on this history of research and advocacy, Mr. Nelson took a role as an organizer for one of the world’s largest conferences regarding the future - the World Futures Society held in Toronto.

As of 2002, Mr. Nelson became the Executive Director for Foresight Canada, where he and a team develops the next generation of strategists and decision makers. Specializing in strategic foresight, the individuals working with Ruben manage a research centre focusing on strategic issues of the 21st century.


Review Mr. Nelson's slides here.

Mr. Nelson's remarks were also uploaded to our podcast, which you can listen to below or on your preferred podcasting provider.