November 15th



Ghosts in the Machine: Ethical AI and the Transformation of Veteran Cemeteries

In this electrifying talk, we journey into an unexpected crossroad of technology and remembrance: the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in veteran cemeteries. We delve into the potential of AI to revolutionize how we mourn, remember, and interact with the legacies of those passed on, from virtual obituaries, to AI cemetery tours, to accessibility aides that assist sight-challenged visitors.

However, we also confront the challenging ethical questions that emerge, exploring issues of privacy, authenticity, and emotional integrity. Will AI serve as a compassionate conduit to our lost loved ones? Are we on the brink of using AI as a bridge to the past? Or are we stepping into an abyss, where technological overreach could blur our boundaries of respect and remembrance? Join us as we discuss our journey and lessons learned as we navigate this delicate intersection between human emotion, remembrance, and cutting-edge technology.

Memory Anchor is a pioneering AI-powered startup transforming the way we remember veterans at cemeteries and memorials worldwide. Memory Anchor's early adopters are responsible for over 2,000,000 soldiers buried in 150+ countries worldwide.

Caitlin Bailey, MLIS, is an accomplished non-profit leader and public history professional.  She is the Executive Director of the Vimy Foundation and formerly of the Canadian Centre for the Great War.  Caitlin is committed to highlighting the role of Canada’s history in public life and its contribution to maintaining a civil society. A graduate of the University of Calgary and McGill, Caitlin holds degrees in Russian Literature and Library and Information Sciences. She has been a member of the Banff Forum since 2018 and serves on the Veterans Affairs Canada Commemorations Advisory Group.